Gym Ropes
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Hybrid - The perfect toprope. Hybrid was designed especially for use in climbing gyms where, in general, there is less rope in service than at the crag, but a forgiving rope is still desired. With this in mind, we use a dynamic core to lower the impact force on the climber, the belayer and the belay system. We have also added a thicker sheath for superior abrasion resistance and durability. Has superb handling.

Diameter: 10.7mm
Elongation: 3.9%
Colour: eggplant & black mix with 2 stripes
Length:  200m (656 ft.) or custom

Tower Hybrid
- designed for taller climbing walls where there is more rope in service and less dynamics is required to absorb impact force. Has more elongation than static rope but less than Hybrid. Not for leading.

Diameter: 10.7mm
Elongation: 2.9%
Colour: eggplant& black mix with 1 stipe
Length: 200m (656 ft.) or custom

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